Woonsocket City Council Special Meeting - May 20 2024


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City Council Special Meeting - May 20 2024




President Biden says the "fight for reproductive freedom continues" despite the Supreme Court's mifepristone [[ mif-ah-pris-tone ]] ruling. In a statement yesterday, Biden said Thursday's ruling will allow the abortion drug to be mailed to patients without an in-person doctor's visit. He added, though, that the fight for women's reproductive freedom is not over.        Donald Trump says he understands the struggles the Biden family has had with their son. On Capitol Hill yesterday, Trump would not say whether he thinks the President should pardon his son after Hunter Biden's guilty verdict in his firearms case, but did say "it's a tough thing" for the Biden family. Trump went on to say he experienced addiction issues in the past with his own family.        More flooding is predicted in Florida. The National Weather Service says there could be more "excessive" rainfall in the southern Florida Peninsula today, "with locally considerable flash- and urban-flooding possible." Forecasters say flash flooding and urban flooding will remain possible through Saturday.       The head of the FAA says the agency's oversight of Boeing was "too hands off" before incidents involving the company's planes started happening this year. In a Senate hearing Thursday, Administrator Mike Whitaker said the FAA "should have had much better visibility" before January 5th. That's when a door plug blew off an Alaska Airlines plane mid-flight.        The Supreme Court is siding with Starbucks in a labor dispute over seven employees who were fired in Memphis. The employees known as the "Memphis 7" claim they were fired in 2022 for trying to unionize their Tennessee Starbucks, and the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint. Starbucks took the case to the Supreme Court.        U.S. consumers are expected to spend roughly 22-billion dollars on Father's Day gifts this weekend. The National Retail Federation says the average consumer is shelling out around 190 dollars on gifts and celebrations for Dad on Father's Day. About three-fourths of U.S. adults are expected to celebrate the holiday.