Rhode Island’s COVID-19 data reporting will go into effect next week. We will be transitioning from reporting COVID-19 data Monday through Friday to reporting data weekly, on Thursday afternoons. Other states have already moved in this direction. (For example, Massachusetts transitioned to weekly reporting in early July.) And the CDC is on a weekly reporting cadence for its assessment of community risk levels by county. This change is reflective of the larger shift Rhode Island has made from a pandemic response to endemic management, informed by COVID-19 data trends over a period of weeks. However, our data team and COVID-19 leadership team will still be reviewing hospitalization trends and other key metrics daily to monitor for any significant shifts. We have the ability to move back to daily reporting, should it be warranted at any point in the future.    


One last note on these monkeypox vaccination clinics this weekend. Pre-registration is required. All appointments have been taken. There is no vaccine at these clinics for walk-ups. Eligible people can get on a notification list for when additional vaccine comes into Rhode Island through a link on this page: health.ri.gov/monkeypox


Joseph Wendelken | Public Information Officer

Rhode Island Department of Health



Hurricane Ian is becoming more of a threat to life and property by the minute. At 6:30 a.m. Eastern Time, the National Hurricane Center said Ian's maximum sustained winds are now up to 155 miles an hour, just two miles per hour short of category 5. As the storm rapidly intensifies 65 miles southwest of Naples, conditions along Florida's southwest coast are "rapidly deteriorating."        Over two-and-a-half million people in Florida are under evacuation orders as Hurricane Ian approaches the Florida coast. The Florida Department of Health is evacuating 15 hospitals and sending roughly 400 ambulances and support vehicles to areas where Hurricane Ian is anticipated to make landfall.        North Korea fired a ballistic missile off its east coast today. South Korea's military said the North "fired an unidentified ballistic missile into the East Sea," referring to the waters also known as the Sea of Japan. The launch comes one day before Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to visit the DMZ.        The U.S. and its NATO allies are running short on the weapons and ammunition they've been providing Ukraine for its war against invading Russian forces. Military analysts say the shortages are a consequence of Western nations producing arms in much smaller numbers during peacetime.        A convicted murderer serving a lifetime sentence has escaped from a Nevada prison in Nevada. A manhunt is underway for 42-year-ol Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, who made a bomb in 2007 that killed a man outside the Las Vegas Luxor Hotel. Duarte-Herrera escaped from a prison northwest of Las Vegas Friday night.        The new "Star Trek" sequel from Paramount is on hold. The project was set to hit theaters in December of next year, but insiders say Paramount ran into issues when the film was announced with the original cast but that none of the major actors had officially signed on, leaving the studio with less than a year to secure the services of the film's stars.